Université Jean Monnet de St Etienne 

Laboratoire Ingénierie des Matériaux Polymères 

Visiting PhD Student (2006)

Supervisors: Prof. Christian Carrot  /  Prof. Jean Charles Majesté


Title of the work developed: "Rheological characterization of different surface modified silica in several liquid phases". 

During my PhD Thesis I enjoyed a short stay at the Laboratoire Ingeniéire des Matériaux Polymères, which in principle was planed to be of three months but, since I obtained a position of Teaching Assistant at the University of Jaén, it finally last just one month. In spite of being so short, I had the opportunity to work with nanocomposites made of fumed silica in high density polypropylene and get experience in measuring molten polymers, apart form improving my French and meeting very nice colleagues.   

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