International Conference on Rheology - ICR2012

August 5-10, 2012. Lisbon, Portugal 

This time I presented an oral communication and I was co-author of a keynote: 

  • "A novel use for the cross-slot microfludic device in extensional micro-rheometry". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, D.G.A.L. Aarts, M.S.N. Oliveira, M.A. Alves.

  • "Design of optimized microfluidic devices for application in extensional rheology". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales, M.S.N. Oliveira, M.A. Alves* [keynote]

Additionally I was co-author of four posters:

  • "Study on the blockage mechanism in low viscosity boger-like fluid flows through unconsolidated beds". 

   L. Campo-Deaño*, F.J. Galindo-Rosales, F.T. Pinho, M.A. Alves, M.S.N. Oliveira. (download)

  • "Assessing the flow of low viscosity boger-like fluids through microfluidic analogues of a porous medium". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, L. Campo-Deaño, F.T. Pinho, M.S.N. Oliveira, M.A. Alves. (download)

  • "A structural model for the transient response of shear thickening fluids". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, R.H. Ewoldt(download)

  • "Numerical analysis of shear thickening fluid flow through 90º elbow pipe". 

   M. Masoudian, L. Campo-Deaño, F.J. Galindo-Rosales*(download)



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