Iberian Meeting on Rheology - IBEREO2013

September 4-6, 2013. Málaga, Spain 

This time I was a member of the organization and I also presented an oral communication: 

  • "Velocity overshoots in rectangular rectilinear microchannels". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, S.J. Haward, M.A. Alves.


Annual European Rheology Conference - AERC2013

April 2-5, 2013. Leuven, Belgium 

This time I presented an oral communication: 

  • "Optimized cross-slot microdevices for extensional micro-rheometry". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, M.S.N. Oliveira, M.A. Alves.

Additionally I was co-author of three posters:

  • "Converting makeup foams into energy absorbing padding: A microfluidic analysis". 

  T. Dinis, J. Rodríguez, A. Sevilla, R. Lima, L. Campo-Deaño*, F.J. Galindo-Rosales(download)

  • "Flow of two-phase viscoelastic blood analogues through planar stenosis microchannel". 

  J. Calejo, J. Rodríguez, A. Sevilla, R. Lima, F.J. Galindo-Rosales*L. Campo-Deaño. (download)

  • "Non-monotonic fully-developed velocity profiles in rectangular microchannels". 

   F.J. Galindo-Rosales*, S.J. Haward, M.A. Alves(download)

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